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Magnificent Marketing


My 'Magnificent Marketing' package is tailor-made for property owners wanting to maximize their home's potential. This comprehensive package is an ingenious blend of the latest technology and creative marketing tactics to showcase your property to a global audience. The best part about this marketing, its all included in your seller's package at no additional cost.

Global Exposure

Powerful and innovative social media and an online magnificent marketing presence showcases your home to every potential buyer through channels such as Youtube, Instagram, Google and more!

See For Yourself

Magnificent marking package includes a stylish and sophisticated website feature on, an exclusive 4K video tour, professional photography and virtual tour, showcasing your property to a worldwide audience. 

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4k Video Tours

By taking advantage of visual and audio elements, our professional videographer Sophie can bring your home to life, creating such a vivid representation allows viewers to feel immersed in the atmosphere and details you want them to see. Complimenting the visuals, Richard also will guide viewers with a full in-person walkthrough highlighting all the key and best features of your home.

We use our marketing strategy and target a wide range of audiences from social media platforms to MLS databases we guarantee your home will reach more potential buyers in a variety of format - video, photo, print, and interactive medias. Our goal is larger than local.

More Exposure To Buyers!

When it comes to showcasing your home we have a variety of platforms we use, from the usual MLS, and to our local database Interface Express, as well as all social media channels. Our goal is to get your home seen, and the more channels and feeds we can post it to, means more potential buyers!

Weekly Property Reports

Every week, we send you a property analytics report to keep an eye on your home's performance. With this report, you can compare average days on the market, see what your current competitors are doing in terms of sales, and find out how many people have taken a look at your property that week. Together this information will give us valuable insight into who is interested in your home and how it compares to current competitors in price, size and days on market.

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