Richard will evaluate your home, based on our knowledge and assessment of comparable homes in the local area, and suggest an appropriate listing price for your home. This means you will put your home on the market at the right price, which ensures a timely sale. You will diminish the risk of under-valuing or over-valuing your home.


Preparing it for sale

Richard will help you prepare your home for sale, get rid of unnecessary clutter that can potentially devalue your home, and suggest any repairs that are needed. A few repairs along with cleaning and de-cluttering can make a big difference in the value of your home.


Richard know what sells, and we know what buyers are looking for in a home for sale – and will help you with all the preparations so that your home is well presented when potential buyers come to view it.

He will list your home on a number of high traffic websites including, but not limited to: our website, the brokerage website and the MLS website, while at the same time promoting it through our social media channels to our large network of Realtors. (Our team will provide you with a full list of websites we use to promote your property for sale as part of the listing discussions).

Take a look at Richards exclusive marketing methods that will be included when you choose Richard as your Canmore Realtor.



Professional photography showcasing your properties most beautiful features. 


Professional videography tour of your property. This will be premiered to Youtube, MLS, Facebook and Instagram.


Monthly newsletters will be sent out to over 300+ of Richards contacts, including your listing advertisement.


Variety of campaigns, from Youtube, Bombomb, blogging. 

Get noticed - print format of your listing can be advertised in the local newspaper.


social media

Richard posts to Instagram, and Facebook to increase the exposure on your property.

virtual tour

A 360 virtual tour simulation will be done of your property, great for getting the initial feel of the property before viewings.

direct conTacts

Richard has over 300+ contacts and clients in the area, your listing will have exposure to.


Is there a best time to sell my home?

The property market sells all year round. Typically the start of Spring is usually when the market is most active. The time of year you chose to list your property can effect the time it takes to sell your house and the final selling price.

What happens on possession day?

How do I make an offer on a property?

How much is my home worth?

There are two main factors that determine your homes listing price; the condition of your property, and the level of demand for the property type.