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Canmore's Neighborhoods Ranked by Affordability - Single family homes 🏡

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Are you in the market for a single family home? But not sure which neighborhood in Canmore is the right fit for you? We’re here to help!

Town of Canmore

In the dynamic real estate landscape of Canmore, determining the right neighborhood to buy a single-family home can be a thrilling yet overwhelming task. With an array of 24 picturesque neighborhoods to choose from, each offering its own charm and appeal, it's crucial to understand the variations in home prices across the town.

In this article, we will dive into the market data of 90 total sales in 2022, from the affordable allure of Grotto Mountain/Glacier and Teepee Town to the luxurious opulence of Benchlands and Silvertip, we will break down the sales figures, unveiling the spectrum of Canmore's neighborhoods and providing you with invaluable insights to aid your home buying journey.


In 2022 Canmore saw a total of 90 sales in the Single family home category, here is the full breakdown of affordable neighbourhoods to the higher end of the spectrum. Only two neighborhoods did not see a single family home sale in 2022, those were Spring Creek and Prospect Heights.

Grotto Neighbourhood

1. Grotto Mountain / Glacier - $675,000 (3 Sales)

Claiming the top spot for affordability in 2022 was the Grotto Mountain / Glacier drive community, with convenience to downtown, these manufactured homes are a great choice for first-time buyers coming to Canmore, they often have large decks and amazing views of the Three Sisters range

Teepee Town, Canmore

2. Teepee town - $970,000 (1 Sale)

Teepee town has long held a special allure for investors seeking a unique opportunity. This neighborhood, predominantly characterized by older single-family homes, is currently undergoing an exciting phase of revitalization and gentrification. With its prime location and the potential for transformation, TeePee Town has become an attractive destination for those looking to make a mark in Canmore's real estate market. In 2022, TeePee Town saw a single sale with an average home price of $970,000, indicating that the value primarily lies in the land itself.

Riverstone, Canmore

3. Riverstone - $991,225 (4 Sales)

The Riverstone neighborhood offers a range of single-family homes that present a unique opportunity for homeowners to maximize their investment. One notable feature of Riverstone is the prevalence of basement suites, providing an avenue for additional rental income. This clever design allows homeowners to offset their mortgage costs while simultaneously building equity in their property.

Peaks of Grassi, Canmore

4. Peaks of Grassi - $1,009,113 (4 Sales)

Canmore's Peaks of Grassi neighbourhood offers first-time homebuyers the perfect Canmore experience. With stunning views of Ha Ling Peak, locals and visitors alike can appreciate the scenic beauty of Canmore's north side. Nearby Quarry Lake offers plenty of activities to do all year round.

Canyon Ridge, Canmore

5. Avens/Canyon Close - $1,229,814 (10 sales)

Canmore's Canyon Ridge neighbourhood is an ideal place to live for those looking for some sunny serenity in The Bow Valley. With some single-family homes and half duplexes that allow zoning for legal suites, it offers flexible rental income. With amazing views of the Valley and close to hiking trails and bus routes, Canyon's Ridge offers something for everyone!

Cougar Creek, Canmore

6. Cougar Creek - $1,236,400 (10 sales)

Canmore's Cougar Creek neighborhood is highly sought after, and for good reason! Located close to Canmore schools, families find this an ideal location to raise their children.

Town centre, Canmore

7. Railway / Town centre - $1,260,000 (2 Sales)

Located in the heart of Canmore, the Town Centre/Railway community offers a vibrant and dynamic living experience. While this neighborhood may have had only two sales in 2022, both transactions involved cherished single-family homes with the potential for renovation.

Quarry Pines, Canmore

8. Quarry Pines - $1,375,000 (1 Sale)

Quarry Pines neighborhood offers a serene and idyllic setting for those seeking a quieter side of town. With just one sale recorded for single family homes in 2022, this neighborhood presents a rare opportunity to become part of a close-knit community. Quarry Pines boasts breathtaking views of the majestic north side of the Canmore valley, providing residents with a constant reminder of the awe-inspiring natural beauty that surrounds them, as well as access to Quarry Lake and the High-Line trail.

Lions Park, Canmore

9. Lions park - $1,502,283 (9 Sales)

Lions Park has undergone significant gentrification in recent years, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a vibrant and amenity-rich community. Situated amidst the stunning natural surroundings, Lions park is quick access to downtown, the Bow River as well as the Park itself, sponsored by the Lions club.

Hospital Hill, Canmore

10. Hospital Hill - $1,597,500 (2 Sales)

Hospital Hill is the location of choice for many looking to be close to downtown Canmore while remaining a reasonable distance away. You can take advantage of Canmore's bus routes, 10-minute stroll to Main Street, or explore nature at the nearby Bow River or Nordic Centre.

Rundleview, Canmore

11. Rundleview - $1,884,000 (2 Sales)

Canmore's Rundleview neighborhood is located to the west of Quarry Pines and near Canmore Nordic Centre. This sub-division has single family homes dating from 1982 to 1998. Surrounded by mature green space, the appeal of Rundleview lies in its ability to bridge modern amenities with mountain living.

Eagle Terrace, Canmore

12. Eagle Terrace - $1,916,200 (5 Sales)

Eagle Terrace is the perfect choice for anyone looking to bask in the beauty of Canmore from up high. Townhomes and single-family homes are in abundance around the picturesque landscape. Homes ranging from as far back as 1995 to others built closer to 2010, Eagle Terrace is a family-friendly neighborhood.

Larch, Canmore

13. Larch - $1,947,333 (3 Sales)

Just beyond Canmore's Lions Park, Larch is a fantastic family neighborhood. Families can find their perfect dwelling, as housing is available ranging from the late 70s builds to modern construction Enjoy the many local amenities: from excellent cul-de-sacs that connect to Canmore's trail system or the Canmore Golf & Curling Club, to breathtaking views of the Bow River.

South Canmore

14. South Canmore - $2,114,363 (11 Sales)

Nestled in the vicinity of the 2 million dollar pricing range, the South Canmore neighborhood stands as a coveted location for homebuyers seeking the perfect balance between luxury and convenience. With a total of 11 sales in 2022, South Canmore offers a desirable living experience in close proximity to downtown Canmore and its abundant amenities.

Three Sisters, Canmore

15. Three Sisters - $2,525,064 (14 sales)

Emerging as the frontrunner with the highest number of single family home sales (14) in 2022, Three Sisters Mountain Village captures the attention of homebuyers with its abundance of potential and promising future. Situated in the stunning backdrop of the Canadian Rockies, this neighborhood holds immense appeal as a thriving and evolving community.

Carey/Homestead, Canmore

16. Homesteads / Carey - $2,702,500 (2 Sales)

Securing its position as the third most expensive neighborhood in Canmore, the Carey/Homesteads community exudes an air of exclusivity and allure. With an average price point of $2,702,500.00. The closer to the river the more luxurious in size and exclusivity the homes become. The Homestead / Carey neighbourhood is very quiet and private. Combined with wide streets and plenty of natural landscaping making this community an idyllic place to call home.

Benchlands Terrace, Canmore

17. Benchlands - $2,955,000 (2 sales)

Securing second place for the most expensive neighborhood in Canmore, is the community of Benchlands Terrace. With its prime location high up on the sunny side of the Bow Valley, Benchlands Terrace offers residents a privileged vantage point to admire the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds them.

While boasting only two sales, the homes in Benchlands Terrace make a grand impression with their impressive square footage. Ranging from 3,747 to 4,775 square feet, these residences epitomize spaciousness and elegance, providing ample room for luxurious living and entertaining.

18. Silvertip - $2,990,000 (5 Sales)

Earning the top spot for most expensive neighborhood in Canmore for 2022, the community of Silvertip presents an unparalleled residential experience. Renowned for its exclusivity and breathtaking surroundings, Silvertip is home to some of the most prestigious estate homes in the area, not to mention being right next to the world-class golf course of Silvertip Resort.

Want to know more about the various communities that Canmore has to offer? Check out our 3 part mini series as we go through each neighbourhood and their amenities in our exclusive buyer guide below ⬇️

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