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Guide To Canmore Vacation Rentals | Canmore Real Estate | AirBNB Condos

Are you in the market for an vacation rental Canmore? One that you can rent out short-term on platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, or directly through hotel management? Canmore offers two distinct property options for short-term rentals: tourist homes and hotel condos. It's important to note that not every unit in Canmore is eligible for short-term rental; specific zoning regulations dictate where short-term rentals are permitted.

Hotel Condos vs Tourist Homes

Canmore offers two distinct property options for short-term rentals: tourist homes and hotel condos. So whats the difference? Hotel condos are exclusively for short-term rentals, with no option for full-time residency, while tourist homes offer the flexibility of both short-term rentals and potential full-time living arrangements. When it comes to pricing, Tourist Homes typically see a higher square foot price due to their versatility.


Canmore has strict zoning by-laws when it comes to renting a property short term. The areas you can find short term rentals are Bow Valley Trail, Railway Avenue, Spring Creek Mountain Village, TeePee Town and Town Centre. Check out the zoning map below to see where each of these areas are located.


Where Can I Short Term Rent?

In Canmore, short-term rental opportunities are available in designated properties zoned specifically for this purpose. These areas are commonly situated in Bow Valley Trail, Railway Avenue, Spring Creek, Mountain Village, TeePee Town, and the Town Centre.

What Is Classed As A Short Term Rental?

The Town Of Canmore categorizes these two rental durations as follows: less than 30 days constitutes short-term, while durations exceeding 30 days fall under the long-term category.​

What Style Of Property Can I Find?

While searching for vacation rentals in Canmore, you'll commonly come across condominiums or apartment-style accommodations. You might also find two-level apartment-style townhomes.

Whats The Difference Between Hotel Condo and Tourist Homes?

Hotel condos are exclusively designated for short-term rentals, while tourist homes offer the flexibility of either full-time residential living or short-term rentals. Typically, tourist homes command a higher price per square foot compared to hotel condos due to their versatile usage options.

Renting Over 30 Days?

If you are looking at renting over 30 days, such as a month to month or yearly lease, you cannot purchase a short term rental property. Instead you must purchase a property that is zoned for residential living.

Start Your Canmore Property Search Today!

Given the limited inventory in Canmore and the rapid pace of property sales, make use of my complimentary Canmore property search platform. Here, you can customize your search criteria and receive timely email notifications as soon as a property matching your specifications becomes available on the market.

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