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Canmore Home Value Calculator | Get Your Free Canmore Home Evaluation

As your trusted Canmore advisor, I always want to keep updated with the current market conditions. The last three years have seen some dramatic price changes in the Canmore real estate market as we navigated unprecedented buyer demand through the pandemic.

The market is now starting to shift a little again as we move through high inflation and ever-increasing interest rates.​ If, for your personal financial planning, you would like an updated evaluation of your Canmore home - with no obligations, start by clicking and button below and completing the 2-minute form below to start your complimentary home evaluation.

What's in your home evaluation report?

Our home evaluation report offers a comprehensive analysis of your property's current value based on various factors. Here's what you can expect to find in the report:

  • Comparable Sales: I will pull data from the past six months to identify recent sales of similar properties in your neighborhood. This allows me to determine a realistic estimate of your home's worth based on actual market transactions.

  • Market Trends: My report will highlight the latest market trends in your area, including average sale prices, price per square foot, and any notable shifts in buyer preferences or demand. This information provides valuable insights into the overall health of the local real estate market.

  • Days on Market: I will analyze the average number of days it takes for homes to sell in your neighborhood. Understanding the average days on market can help you gauge the level of activity and competition in the area.

  • Pricing Strategy: Based on the data collected, I will provide recommendations on the optimal pricing strategy for your home. This includes suggestions on pricing within a competitive range to attract potential buyers while maximizing your return on investment.

  • Additional Insights: My report may also include additional insights and observations about your property, such as its unique features, potential improvements or renovations that could increase its value, and any other relevant information that may impact its marketability.

By providing you with these essential details, our home evaluation report empowers you to make informed decisions about your property and its potential in the current real estate market.

Questions about Canmore Real Estate? Reach me at 403-688-7629, or at

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