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Canmore Properties Have Increased Over 100% Since 2012 | Canmore Market Update

Market Update Video

In our exclusive end-of-year market update video, we delve into a comprehensive analysis, comparing sales figures for the entire year, scrutinizing Q4 sales, and shedding light on the current market trends. A notable revelation is that Canmore has experienced a unique shift, as 2023 marks a turning point with the lowest sales figures since 2012.

How did Q4 look for 2023?

In the data above you can see the overall sales for each category in Canmore, including the number of sales, average price, average sqft price and average number of days on the market. When comparing Q4 of 2023 to Q4 of 2022 there was slightly high sales volume in 2022, but price point has remained very similar along with the days on market.

When looking back further to 2018 you can see how sales volume increased during the pandemic before leveling back in 2023. The average price point is significantly higher in 2023.

The average price of a Canmore home has increased over 100% since 2012.

In 2012 the average price of a home in Canmore was $532,000, and in 2023 was $1,088,000.

Watch my full market update video for more valuable insights into the Canmore real estate market. Want to know what the value of your Canmore home is in 2024? head over to our complimentary home evaluation calculator here:

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